Destination and object of residence

The Residences of the Mestral Group are intended to host students, duly accredited, for periods of at least ten months, or for school or university periods or vacation courses, in accordance with the rules of this regulations and the contract to be signed by residents prior to their entry.



2.1.- People interested in entering any of the residences of the Mestral Group can request a reservation of place for a minimum stay of 10 months from September to June.

2.2.- In case of requesting a place reservation, the applicant must pay, in advance, the amount that has been determined by the Management of the company, for registration and deposit.

2.3.- If the applicant does not show up in the residence on the day of the beginning of his stay, he will lose the right of the place and the amount he has paid will remain property of the company, as compensation for damages, unless he communicates, by any means, The delay of his arrival.

2.4.- The amounts paid to reserve a place will remain the property of the company if the student does not give up the place before two months prior to the start of the previously communicated stay. Said resignation must be communicated to the residence address in writing and by certified letter where appropriate.

2.5.- The residence will be closed during the Christmas holidays from December 23, 2022 to January 8, 2023, both inclusive, and from April 2 to April 8, 2023, both inclusive, during Easter.


Contract Signing

The resident must subscribe the corresponding contract, which, although it will be written by Mestral Group, as a basic model, it may be negotiated by the parties according to particular cases.


Admission of the resident and deposit of the deposit

With the signing of the lease, the resident shall be deemed to have been admitted with effect from the day on which it was recorded. At that moment a key will be given to him and the possession of the room that has been assigned to him.

Upon arrival at the residence, the student must have delivered all the documentation requested in the reservation document, duly completed and signed. On September´s invoice the amount of forty euros (40 €) will be charged as key deposit.


Resident Rights

Residents shall have the following rights:

5.1.- To occupy the room assigned to him during all hours of the day, during all the time agreed upon, although he must dislodge it or, at least, facilitate the entrance of the cleaning staff at the time stipulated by the staff of the center, to perform such service.

5.2.- To occupy the living room, study, dining room and terrace until 11pm, sharing with other residents and always making proper use of all areas.

5.3.- To use common facilities, TV in the living room; connect to the internet if the resident has the appropriate devices and for the installation of any electronic device, it is necessary to have a written permission from management.

As for the television located in the dining room, it can be used, at any time of the day and until 11 o´clock at night, as long as it does not disturb any resident. From 12 pm to 9 am until the following day, the use of television in such room will be prohibited from Monday to Thursday and Friday and Saturday it will be prohibited starting 1:00 am.

5.4.- To use the washing machine in agreement with the remaining residents, between 9 and 21 hours of the day purchasing a coin for €2.50. For the operation of the washing machine, the resident will deposit the clothes that he wants to wash in the washing machine and once the laundry has been washed, he will be in charge of putting the laundry out to dry or in the dryer.

5.5.- To eat his breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, from Monday to Friday, according to the chosen type of boarding , excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Only breakfast will be served daily. The schedule of these services will be as follows:

a.- Breakfast:   from   07:00 a.m.   to     09:15 a.m.

b.- Lunch:            from    13:30 p.m.   to     15:15 p.m.

c.- Dinners:        from   20:30 p.m.  to    22:00 p.m.

Meal regime changes may only be changed quarterly and must be notified in writing before the end of each quarter and the change will be effective at the start of the next quarter. (Quarters are from October to December/January to March/ April to June)

5.6.- Free entrance at any time of the day or night always in silence respecting the rest of the residents.

5.7.- The cleaning service and change of linens is done once a week.

5.8.- To be provided with a meal properly packed in a Tupperware to consume outside the residence, whenever you request it with a day in advance and by mail.

5.9.- On days when the residence doesn´t provide food and / or dinner, residents may use the center´s kitchen to prepare their own food, just as long as they commit to clean dishes, and all cooking utensils used.

5.10.- You can receive visiting people who are relatives of the resident prior communication to the following address E-mail:, in any other case they must stay at the reception only from 9:00 am to 7:00 p.m. Hours in the afternoon, Visitors can not visit the private rooms or common areas. It is strictly forbidden the entrance of people outside the center. In the event that this rule is broken, the resident will be penalized and must pay the amount of one hundred euros (100€) per night plus 10% VAT.

5.11.- In the event of voluntary termination of the contract with the residence before the end of the stay of ten months, the resident will not be entitled to the refund of the reservation. The resident must inform two months in advance.


Resident Obligations

6.1. As a primary rule, every resident must observe, at all times, the usual norms of good conduct, coexistence, courtesy, good manners and respect to the remaining residents and staff.

6.2. Every time you enter or leave the residence, the entrance door must be closed.

6.3. Make the bed every day, take care of personal items, as the residence is not responsible for possible losses or thefts.

6.4. Stay properly dressed in the dining areas and living room. On the terrace you can stay in bathing suit.

6.5. Inform the staff of the residence, the possible absence if longer than 24 hours.

6.6. Provide telephone contact or address of relatives for possible communications. 

6.7. Inform the staff of the residence, the non-attendance to breakfasts, meals or dinners.

6.8. Have health insurance coverage, which must be communicated to Management to know how to act in case of an emergency.

6.9. The last resident who, at night, withdraws from the common areas should turn off the television, if applicable, and the lights of those areas. 

6.10.- It is vital that from 23:00 hours from Monday to Friday there is silence in the rooms and common areas such as dining room, study room and terrace respecting the rest of the residents as well as the service staff and neighbors.




7.1.- To get a copy of the room key and give it to third parties.

7.2.- To allow passage to third parties that are not from the residence without permission from the Management and without prejudice to the provisions of section 6.10.

7.3.- To consume or have alcoholic beverages, drugs or similar in the interior of the residence.

7.4.- To stay in the residence under the influence of alcohol or affected by drugs or similar.

7.5.- To smoke in the building except in the Smoking area, which is the terrace.

7.6.- To use nails, thumbtacks, or any adhesive that could damage the walls.

7.7.- To have your own heaters without permission from the Management.

7.8.- To make noise or to have musical instruments that bother the other residents.

7.9.- To organize parties, meetings or similar.

7.10.- To access another room that is not your own, or even open the door of the same.

7.11.- To access the room of another resident or any staff private rooms (kitchen, office).

7.12.- To stay in pajamas or underwear in common areas.

7.13.- To throw any type of objects in the toilet that may clog it.

7.14.- To bring any animal.

7.15.- It could be a cause for Expulsion if you violate the rules and the same clauses will apply as in an early voluntary termination, losing the right to the return of the deposit.


Payment of the price of the stay

The agreed price must be paid, monthly, in advance, within the first day of each month only by
means of:

a) By Bank Draft

B) By credit card

C) In cash against delivery of receipt.


Admission rights

Serious or repeated breaches of the rules & regulations or contractual rules will entitle J.M. and according to the criteria of Management to rescind the contract.

In this case, the Management will communicate it in writing to the resident, giving a period of one to five days to leave the residence. Failure to do so, Management may take appropriate legal action to get you evicted.

If the resident, once notified of the rescission of the contract, did not leave the residence within the period indicated, the resident, as a penalty clause, will pay the daily amount of 60 Euros per day plus the corresponding Value Added Tax.


Amendments to this Rule & Regulations Document

The present regulation can be modified by the Management of the Residence J.M. Communicating it to residents who will be obliged to comply, without prejudice to the right to leave the residence if they are not interested.